Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Who Were Listening To" [Electrik Red]

Ladies and gentlemen this is not you average R&B group....at all. When I first saw these girls on 106&Park I just thought to myself "here we go again, another group of girls trying to make a career on little talent and a lot [a whole lot in this instance] of sex. BUT I was soon eating my words. As the interview grew I came to respect these four girls more and more. Two of them [Sarah and Naiomi] are from Toronto and the other two Leslie and Binki <--[stupid name yes] are from NY, Brooklyn and Manhattan to be exact. All of them come from prestigious performing art schools and from there have had a flourishing career dancing for big names like Usher, Mariah Carey, and Ciara. Now you may be asking yourself "OK, but can these girls sing?...like even a little bit" and the answer would be yes. Now, are these girls Whitney prodigy's, no. but they can all sing better than most of these people out here now who seem to be making it. The assuming lead singer Naiomi sounds a lot like Kelis, very airy and low but all I've heard them live and she pulled her weight pretty well while performing. I was listening to theyre first single "Drink in My Cup" which was a kind of a go-hard type feel to it. Then I realized, these girls are like Spice Girls on crack. They sing about material which you'd expect from Total or Exscape but I feel they have the staying power of Destiny's Child. They re second single "So Good" is a softer sound but still raunchy. The hook is "it's so good, so good, so oh shit, damn." Now I don't know if it's my fetish for girls that take charge or the way they're just blunt "as shit" but these girls are doing a whole lot for me. After major debate I'm officially claiming dibbs on Naiomi, the head chick in charge. I've heard what I'm assuming is they're third single "Friend Lover" which is hot, which I can already tell is going to do well here, and overseas are going to eat this shit up. Plus the fact that everywhere else in the world is still gunghoe on girl groups. Not to mention that whoever they're stylist is, is doing a damn good job, these girls have a unique style that they'll be able to monopolize on pretty well. Well they're you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen... ELECTRIK RED! Keep a huge eye out for these ladies. From us here at STOREFRONT we officially deem them.....DOPE!

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