Sunday, April 19, 2009

Launch Party HUGE success!

It went down 04/12/09. [S T O R E F R O N T] Launch Party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. I think everyone will attest that it took a lot of work to produce, but it was well worth it. The girls came with it with two scenes, the latter merged the distinction between feminism and masculinity in women swear. BUT no one brought it harder then the guys, which is good because the show was meant to really promote the rise and importance of menswear. And we didn't know how it was going to come across when we cut the male scenes from 2 to 1, but all things went well. I think the biggest success to this was how close I saw [S T O R E F R O N T] come together to get this done. For all of you guys who don't know the people involved, there's A LOT of different personalities involved but somehow it all seems to work out. It's still hard to get over the fact that this little thought I had back in October [08'] to start a styling firm and have an event in April actually came true. More than half the people that are in [S T O R E F R O N T] <--- I wonder how many times I'm going to say this in this post, I didn't even know that well when I came up with the idea, but for better or for worst I'm glad I met every single one of them. Along with all the other excitement of the weekend it was good to have my cousin Roy up from M.I.A to help out with the show. We showed him a pretty good HU time. He'll def be up around these ends a lot more. While I'm at this, on behalf of me and Roy big up to JA, U.K, NY[Strong Island], and M.I.A. Have to keep it in the Fam [laughing a little bit out loud...good times man]. In all, the Launch Party was not only successful in the fashion sense but for the people involved. People, never stop dreaming, never stop believing in yourselves and the people around you. Never stop believing in the power of art and it's ability to change society. On that note, thanks to Deron and the Atomics, and Euro P. Gold who held it down with the performances for the night. Also Kahlid for the flyer's. And can't forget my parents and Auntie Jen and Uncle Tony [Happy Belated!] who came to support as well as all of the friends and family of [S T O R E F R O N T] were truly blessed to have you guys. This is ONLY the beginning, there's a lot more to come from [S T O R E F R O N T] we are on the rise! So everybody out there, love one another, continue to grow, and remember, Fashion fades style is eternal...Stay Chic...[S T O R E F R O N T].

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