Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The time has finally come for me to glimpse back into my inner comic book obsessed geek and see whats looking out to be a really great film. For all my comic book lovers and faithful Saturday morning 'Fox Kids network' watchers out there, this is pretty much a God send. I've only seen the trailers and read a few articles on it but I'm going to go ahead and say that this movie is definitely going to be worth the now $10 to go see it [fuck the recession]. I've had the chance to watch it on bootleg but I'm going to go ahead and wait the extra week and see it legit. For all my guys out there who were mad that none of the previous X-MEN movies had mother fucking GAMBIT in that bitch <-- all curse words were necessary, then the time has come to see one of the best X-MEN characters on the big screen. The movie is pretty much meant to explain the creation of Wolverine and the experimentation of other mutants in the Weapon X program. As well as to debrief the not-so comic book friendly watchers about what the hell the past 3 movies were about. Film comes out May 1st.

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