Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deron! Deron!

STOREFRONT has been forever changed after meeting Deron Hogan. Hailing from the DMV and a student at Hampton University, this up and coming artist has the potential to blow up in a massive way. As more and more people started looking at our blog we were getting a lot of "You have to put Deron on your blog!!" and after about the millionth person told me about Deron I decided that he was worth taking a listen to. So I told Alain to set up an interview so I could get a chance to meet Deron and let me tell you guys, it was worth it, the guy is major! Be on the look out for his single Cali Girls and the live interview and rap session exclusively for STOREFRONT. Again, Deron Hogan everybody![Insert applause here.]

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