Wednesday, February 4, 2009


[Terry Richardson]

Damn, what can you say (or not say for that matter) about Mr. Richardson. When Alain showed us his pics I instantly fell for this guys work. If you've ever seen pictures from Terry Richardson a few words come to mind: BLUNT, RAW, SEX. All his pictures, even if they weren't nude (which a lot were) had some connotation to sex. His images are intriguing and leave you sitting in front of the computer screen in awe. Now before you venture out into cyberspace in search of this guy be prepared to find some crazy ass pics. Guy on guy, girl on girl, nude, and some almost pornographic pictures, but that's why we love this guy, he's not afraid to push the envelope, even though he decides to not only push the envelope but rip it open and read the letter. He captures the essence of individuality, human emotion and vulnerability which makes his work so inspiring. He's shot campaigns for Gucci, Miu Miu, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Levis and has been published in french Vouge, British Vouge, Harper's Bazzare, GQ and more. All of American Apparel and Marc Jacobs campaign pictures are photgraphed by Richardson as well. So definately keep an eye out for his work because he's everywhere! STOREFRONT has definitely fell for this guy and we'll be following this California native for good.

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