Friday, July 10, 2009

spring 2010, [возьмите тот]

DSquared2: In addition to the other two collections listed, this is one of my favorite lines (if not my favorite) so far. When I saw the pieces I laughed (in a good way). They're creativity and personality is beaming through the whole show. I liked every look and I was tempted to put the whole line on here. yo square up!

Alexander McQueen: For some reason I wasn't as blown away as everyone else was with this collection, at first. Probably because I was looking at it at work in between eating and trying to help pick out what jeans we were going to show my boss to gift Meagan Fox. But the more I looked at it the more I realized it's genius. I've already gift listed the pieces I want (whenever that's going to happen. I'm doing this new thing, I call it "saving money." The life of a working man eh?)
daniel [la]: I've been making my rounds through the spring 2010 lines. so far these three have stuck out to me.
Bottega Veneta: this collection had "spring" written all over it. the line started off with a lot of browns with accenting blues, purples, reds, pinks, and greens. tie-dies were present as well as some dope ass prints. I'm usually not one to like print on print (matchy-matchy) but i liked it a lot, not just with Bottega but other designers as well. everything looked relaxed and comfortable, almost as if you could sleep in the clothes, wake up, then make some moves. he played well with tones and color variation that were done subtly even when red shoes were paired with the army green and shorts set. speaking of army, the collection kept a slight militant presence throughout the show. there's also an Asian influence that can been seen with the nicely done colors, prints and floral's. The more I looked at the line the more I liked it, which was good because I liked it off jump. The suits were sick, period. the bright red which Bottega is calling "fever red" was a nice contrast to the subdued color that was seen in the first half of the show. The suit jackets and blazers kept the lightweight appearance, and pointed shoulders made me grin, I was waiting for a designer to translate the exaggerated shoulder into menswear. Mr. Bottega did it while keeping it masculine and not looking like a complete dick. I'm really big on bags but the bags used in this line weren't my favorite. Overall the line was great and definitely a leader of the pack heading into next spring. So big ups to Tomas Maier ,who has taken the reigns of Bottega Veneta for over eight years now, the line is dope.

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