Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Storefront on the Rise!!

Whats going on, its Roy of Storefront stylings. People......STOREFRONT is on the rise! As you all may know, Danny and I are molding Storefront stylings into an incredible project. Storefront will be a styling firm that deals with styling of course, photoshoots, personal client shopping, visual styling and even some fashion design. Storefront is a new chapter in both of our lives and we are very proud of it. Since Daniel is in L.A. working with True Religion, Im here in NY taking care of some of the business having to do with Storefront. These next couple of months will be a amazing experience for Storefront. STAY TUNED. We believe in getting out our dreams and making them reality. We're keeping GOD first and everything will surely come after.


" For the Greater Good of Fashion.."

-Roy [ny]

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